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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Wet/dry - 2 Motors - 21 Gallon JM773

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Keeping a large commercial facility clean can be a difficult, time-consuming task. With this Farag Janitorial wet/dry vacuum cleaner, you'll have everything you need for the job! To make things easier, the vacuum features an impressive 21-gallon capacity and 4 wheels for effortless maneuvering. It's equipped with a powerful motor and wet/dry capabilities to ensure long-lasting, superior performance. Plus, it comes standard with an assortment of convenient attachments, from a long hose to a crevice tool, so that every nook and cranny is within reach.

  • Power 2000W ( 2.68Hp )
  • capacity 21 Gallon
  • Length of cable: 24'
  • voltage 110V
  • function wet/dry
  • Features Convenient Tools: A 9-foot-long vacuum hose, 20-foot cord, and additional tools are included to handle an array of jobs. The crevice tool and two-piece, two-bend aluminum wand make getting into small corners easy, while the dust brush, floor brush, and squeegee tool simplify cleaning floors.
  • Durable Construction: The heavy-duty stainless steel tank construction is built to last and is both heatproof and waterproof. Whether you're cleaning up dirt and debris or liquid from a spill or overflow, this vacuum is equipped to handle any heavy-duty job.
  • Easy to Use: This vacuum is easy to move thanks to its sturdy handle and 4-wheel arrangement that requires less effort to turn. A 24' power cord allows for ample cleaning area. This unit requires a 110V electrical connection for operation.
  • Tool Kit Includes: Metal Extension Tube, Dry Floor Nozzle, Wet Floor Nozzle, Dust Brush, Crevice Tool, and complete hose.
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