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Trash Can Caddy Bag | Brute Compatible | Fits 32-55 Gallon Can | 12 Pockets | Heavy Duty Vinyl Construction

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Product Details
UPC: 761691313465
Brand: Farag Janitorial
MPN: 761691313465
Price per unit: 19
  • 12 Pockets - 9 water-resistant pockets let you store cleaning supplies like spray bottles and gloves, while 3 longer pockets provide secure storage for long-handled tools like mops and brooms.
  • Fits a Variety of Trash Cans - This caddy can be used on 32 and 44-gallon round cans, or 32 and 48-gallon square cans.
  • Secure - Stays in place on the trash can with Velcro straps and snap-in clips. Simply hook each top clip to the opposing trash can handles and fasten the Velcro strap.
  • Easy handy - This highly convenient trash can caddy holds everything needed to clean your facility close at hand
  • Important - This caddy bag is a must for those jobs that require moving from area to area. There are lots of roomy pockets to carry around spray bottles and other cleaning supplies.
  • It keeps all of the cleaners in one area and off of shelves and everyone knows where to look for cleaning suppliers.
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